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Content Marketing Guide: Where to Begin

Content marketing is an essential tactic that can help reach new customers and increase brand awareness. While it may seem overwhelming to begin, we've broken down the process into four easy steps you can tackle today. Download our guide at the bottom of this article for handy access!

1. Define your target audience.

Let's start with the who: who is your audience? It's important to outline the demographic(s) you're trying to reach.

2. Outline what content interests your target audience.

Next, you must ask yourself what they want. Contemplate what your audience wants to see on social media and how you can create content that will help, entertain, or inspire them.

3. Compare audience interests with brand values.

Then, create a Venn Diagram of content that grows your brand while providing value to your audience. From there, you can develop specific ideas and start testing out photos/videos/copy on various social media platforms.

4. Set KPIs and start publishing!

Finally, it's time to track your key metrics, refine your content accordingly and engage with users online!

Download our Content Marketing Guide here: